Studio Maximilian Beck aims to capture natural phenomena in order to create objects for living purposes. The main inspiration lies in the observation of forces that shape our world and the way light affects it. Beck’s sculptural works are created through an intuitive practice, a dialog between hand and material. The significance of its functional fulfillment is subordinate, with a greater emphasis placed on conceptual design with a narrative momentum. In particular, the tension between raw mass and fragile structure characterizes his work and finds expression in ever new forms.


2017-2023 B.A. Integrated Design,
KISD Köln International School of Design – Cologne

2012-2017 B.A. Business Psychology,
Hochschule Fresenius – Cologne


Chile Unfolded – Life and Protest in Chile, Cologne DE
SLOW AHEC, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, DE

Dutch Desgin Week – Isola Design Gallery, Eindhoven NL

Isola Tools and Crafts, Milan Design Week, IT

We Were Here, Milan Design Week, IT
Worth Partnership Exhibtion, Milan Design Week, IT